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Field Positions

We need “feet on the ground” to personally contact voters through neighborhood canvassing, phone calls, and helping with local events.


We need pivitol volunteers to oversee both the press relations and advertising involved in promoting the campaign in the media. This department is responsible for the campaign’s message and image among the electorate. Press releases, advertisements, phone scripts, and other forms of communication must be approved by this department before they can be released to the public

Political Development

Researching and developing a set of policies requires a large team to research and write each plank. Researchers also provide information to the campaign on issues and candidate background.

Fund Raising

This department coordinates the campaign’s fundraising operation and ensures that the campaign always has the money it needs to operate effectively.

Legal Department

The legal department makes sure that the campaign is in compliance with the law and files the appropriate forms with government authorities. This department will also be responsible for all financial tracking, including bank reconciliations, loans and backup for in-kind donations.


The scheduling coordinator will be responsible for developing and executing events. The scheduling coordinator typically manages the candidate’s personal and campaign schedule, field and advance team schedules, and gathers important information about all events the campaign and candidate will attend.

Financial Contributions

All donations are tax deductible.

Election volunteers working phones

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