The Issues

District 3

I feel the residents in the legislative district 3 are not represented.I feel strongly that our property taxes must not climb any higher.


Governor Murphy has continually added more taxes on gas, which has improved nothing for the economy in District 3. There are no longer a reason for surrounding states (such as Delaware) to come on this side of the bridge because New Jersey used to have the lowest gas prices around, but no longer.


Governor Murphy has done nothing to lower the staggeringly high unemployment rate in New Jersey. Instead, Murphy continues to make it easy for individuals to stay on unemployment.


I feel the current legislation has allowed for whatever Governor Murphy wants he gets. There has been ONE SIDED government in New Jersey for way too many years. There NEEDS to be checks and balances.

Personal Freedoms

I believe in parental choice with masking in schools. I am Pro 2nd Amendment – “We the People”.

The New Jersey State House aerial view

Personal Message from Bethanne:

decorative - quote markMy name is Bethanne McCarthy-Patrick and I am a Candidate for New Jersey Assembly for the Third District.

I was born and raised in Pennsville Township in Salem County where I attended Pennsville Memorial High School. After high school, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for helping people by pursuing a career as a Firefighter/EMT. I recently retired as a Firefighter/EMT after 27 years of service and being a Life Member of the Pennsville Fire & Rescue.

As a Firefighter and EMT, I understand the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. I have made a career of helping people who were often in their time of greatest need. I will bring my passion for helping people to the State House in Trenton by listening to the needs of every citizen of the Third District and working to assist them in any way I can.

I am also a small business owner operating in the restaurant business. I am also a past member of the Salem County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. I understand acutely the type of challenges that small businesses have faced as part of the restrictions imposed due to COVID. I also understand the general difficulty in running a business in New Jersey in general. I will work with the business community to develop strategies for encouraging business growth, retention, and initiation to bring more, good paying jobs to the District.

I’m also a past Salem County Women of Achievement Award winner. I currently serve on the Mannington Township Board of Education and live in Mannington Township with my husband Luke and our two dogs Emmet and Angus.

I am running to bring Fresh Ideas and a New Approach to state government. I will focus on making sure that we finally stabilize taxes in New Jersey while promoting growth in the economy and securing additional job opportunities for the residents of the Third District. I will work to provide law enforcement the support they deserve, while working to protect police and firefighter pensions. I will also focus on protecting our Second Amendment freedoms in New Jersey.

New Jersey is one of the highest taxed states in the Country. Our residents simply cannot maintain the strain of crushing tax requirements in the state any longer. Resident after resident tells me that as soon as they retire, they are moving south to more affordable states. Companies often leave to less taxed locations. This exodus needs to end, which can only be achieved by stabilizing our taxes. For twenty years we have tried one approach to accomplish that goal without the desired success. It is time to try a new approach.

Likewise, we need to focus on both stabilizing taxes and reviewing unnecessary regulations that stifle the economy and creation of jobs. Supporting the economy and creation of jobs will help every resident and will lead to a further stabilization and eventual reduction in taxes.

We must also make sure that we fully support those that protect us, our veterans, police officers, and firefighters. Our police have been improperly vilified over the last few years. Talk of reducing their resources comes as many departments already lack sufficient resources. We need to support our police both on the job and after they retire. Therefore, we must work to protect both police and firefighter pensions.

Finally, we must protect our Second Amendment freedoms. Every American has a right to self-protection under the Constitution and for too long New Jersey has improperly infringed on that right. I will work to reverse that infringement.

Nothing changes if changes are not made. The time for change is now. I will support Jack Ciattarelli’s platform and will help him put New Jersey on the right track with Fresh Ideas and a New Approach.

Thank you for your attention today and I humbly ask for your vote for the New Jersey Assembly.